Baron Family Adventures #1: Half-time, p.29


Wahh. So, I hate to do this, but along with a new job I’m adjusting to, my sister is getting married in three weeks. I’m the Maid of Honor, so there is lots for me to do.

I need to officially move the comic to one update a week for a bit. Saturdays.

Sorry it’s right at where we’re finally getting some answers from Mr. Baron. I was hoping to be done with this first Baron story by now, but it’s proving longer than I expected.

So, I apologize, real life is getting in the way of the comic. :]

Baron Family Adventures #1: Half-time, p.27


If the site looks a little wonky (or a lot), it’s because I’m updating my Comicpress, and it’s gonna take some work. But hey, we’ve got transcripts! XD

Sorry there were no updates last week! Life, the Universe, and Everything got in the way.

Just read: Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator by Jennifer Allison, about a hilarious and self-confident 13 year-old and her investigative shenanigans. It was fabulous, and I highly recommend it.

Baron Family Adventures #1: Half-time, p.25


I redboxed Disney’s “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” this weekend, and was delightfully surprised! The magic system was “anything and the kitchen sink,” but that was a part of it’s adorkable charm. Fun fun fun! XD

It also inspired me with a new story idea, one that I’ll develop and draw some time in the future, which is always awesome. ^^