“Moon and Star Stories” is a growing online compilation of original short stories in comic/graphic novel format, written and illustrated by Rebecca J. Greenwood. Each features fantasy, science fiction, family, romance, or a combination of the four.

The Stories

Earth-Rooted – A romantic scifi drama in 21 pages. Complete.

Together – A young woman struggles to survive in a war-torn, besieged city. 114 pages, complete.

Lizzy and the Goblin – Lizzy encounters a goblin in the wood. 13 pages, complete.

The Baron Family Adventures – High school woes and involuntary transformations.
#1: Half-time – 39 pages, complete


Rebecca, i.e. purplerebecca, is a Texan artist and avid reader who lives in Utah. She recently got married. (yay!) Her favorite genre is ‘Romantic Scifi Fantasy,’ so that is what she writes. More of her artwork and fan works can be found on her main site: http://purplerebecca.com

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