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6 thoughts on “Together, p.73

  1. I think the middle panel is just a meta-physical representation. I’m sure Brin will be sad, but also ok. It’s the kind of thing many refugees face; it’s sad they have to but if the alternative is death…

  2. It will be sad, but it will also be a new beginning for the two of them. He just tied himself legally to the other two. He’s basically saying that there is no way in hell or on earth that he will abandon Brin and Anton. I really hope that Brin will recognize that and be grateful rather than upset.

  3. Wah, Liquidrice!! I thought you had more time! :(

    majesticturnip — “makes me sad … seperated them on the middle panel” — Mwahahha! My purpose on this page was accomplished. XD

    Granian– Yep yep!

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