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5 thoughts on “Together, p.49

  1. I love the bricks on the second panel. It’s great to see that you’re paying that much attention to perspective!

  2. i read all your inuyasha comics on deviantart and loved em and well i found ths and love this even more!!! good job, update soon please!!

  3. Just found this today and am completely hooked! This is a gorgeous story with lovely, believable characters (drawn and painted beautifully as well =D)
    Love it!

    *is waiting and watching now for more*

  4. Yay new readers and commenters! Thank you so much! I’ve very glad you are enjoying it. ^_^

    Page 50 is going to be late today. I’m sorry. ;_; (I procrastinated….ahhhhh)

    Mizz Rice – I’m trying very hard with the perspective. It still kills me every time, but I think I’m getting better. :)

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