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Baron Family Adventures #1: Half-time, p.36

That’s B.T.W., or “by the way” (you know, in case you missed that).

Sorry for the month with no updates!! Real Life has been happening to me.

I got a boyfriend! ^__^
My grandmother passed away! =[
She was 90, and wonderful.

I’ll be California for her funeral next Saturday, so no update then. Hopefully I’ll get some pages done while on airplanes, right?

3 thoughts on “Baron Family Adventures #1: Half-time, p.36

  1. Forget the pages of the comic! You got more important things on your mind. Well, if it helps you, you can work on the comic. (Like you need my permission! ;) ) But seriously, I remember what it was like to lose my grandparents. I love your comics but I can wait while you take the time you need.

  2. You definitely had more important stuff going on. Work if it helps. And I remember losing my grandpa. Seriously, take any time you need.

    In other terms, I have to say it again, I love Dru’s facial expressions. And the out-loud use of chatspeak.

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