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May 17, 2005

I haven't been doing much Harry Potter fanart lately, but with book 6 coming out soon, I expect I'll be doing more before not too long. :)

Leaving the Chamber--Ginny and Tom Wary Snape, based on Logospilgrim's lovely costumed photos

July 11, 2004

4 new images, I'm in a Harry art mode. I deleted that old Draco portrait because it was fugly. The new one is much better. :)
Do check out the artists on my link page. Oooh, lovelies.

Master Malfoy, and a snake. 'Cause snakes are fun. :) Cute!Hermione with Sugary!Crookshanks Young Snape Mascara!Luna Lovegood

Rebecca's Harry Potter Art

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1st Movie Countdown Images

Harry, for my countdown to the first movie. The Professors. I need to work on my Dumbledore. Draco being his snubby self. (I'm working on my Draco, he gives me troubles.) It's all about the twins. Snitch! Wacom tablet painting.


Sirius Snape! The Twins, colored by RA Parslow Hermione The Trio, kiddie like.
Harry, sketched while in line to see PoA opening day Master Malfoy, and a snake. 'Cause snakes are fun. :) Young Snape Mascara!Luna Lovegood

Bit o'Action or Interaction

The Potions Master The Slytherins have been acting up again. No Firewhiskey in the common room! The Malfoys, sketched in line to see PoA Cute!Hermione with Sugary!Crookshanks Leaving the Chamber--Ginny and Tom Wary Snape, based on Logospilgrim's lovely costumed photos

Fanfiction Fanart and Wishful Thinking

Tom and Metis from Dreamwalk Blue by Viola Tom and Metis from Dreamwalk Blue by Viola Me, in wizarding robes. What? Hogwarts class o'98, Ravenclaw Prefect, that's me. :)


The Site

This site was first created to house and support my Countdown to the first movie. As it was a nice little spot in cyberspace, I altered and rechristened it to house all my HP fan art. Do enjoy. :)

The layout is Version 2: Snape-tastic. I use Photoshop LE for images, and Crimson Editor for coding. Yea for CSS and PHP.


Harry Potter and Co. belong to AOL-TimeWarner and J. K. Rowling, who I am completely unconnected with except as an appreciating fan. All the artwork here was created by and is copyrighted to Rebecca JJ. I give my permission for my artwork to be used elsewhere along these guidelines--

Terms of Use

My images may be used for non-profit, fun stuff like icons and wallpapers. Please leave a note in the guestbook, on my lj, blog, or in my mailbox that you are using one of my images. It makes me feel happy and fuzzy. ^^ Also, please linkback when you start to use them, and never claim the artwork is your own. If you'd like to use an image for a site layout, leave me a note and a linkback and we are all good.

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The Artist

Name: Rebecca Purpure, PurpleRebecca, Rebecca JJ

House: Ravenclaw, Hogwarts Class of '98, Ex-prefect, and member of Dumbledore's Army

I'm an art student, I love Harry Potter, and the world Rowling has created. I love Snape, run the Bottle Fame, Brew Glory clique, and adore good fanfiction. If you would like to see more of my artwork and multiple fandoms, visit SilverSong, my main site.


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