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Welcome to the Feminine Web Clique, a linking of women who enjoy being female! Visit the members, or grab a code and join us.

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Cliques are like webrings and fanlistings--they link people and sites with similarities. Webrings generally link sites that are similar, and fanlistings list people who are fans of something. Cliques mostly are linkings of people with similar ideas or traits.

This clique celebrates femininity and is open to all females who are, or desire to be, feminine.

Feminine -
1) Of or relating to women or girls.
2) Characterized by or possessing qualities generally attributed to a woman. dictionary.com

A few feminine characteristics -
Civilized, cute, delicate, dignified, elegant, fair, gentle, girly, graceful, ladylike, lovely, maidenly, matronly, modest, motherly, noble, pure, refined, sensitive, soft, tender, virgin, vixenish, womanly.

A feminine woman can be -
A girl, a teen, a maiden, a young women, a lady, a wife, a mother, a matron, a matriarch, a grandmother, a great grandmother, a princess, a queen.


  1. You have to be female to join. (Sorry, femme pretty boys, you'll have to go elsewhere!) Girls of all ages welcome.
  2. You need to be or want to be feminine. You don't have to wear a skirt constantly, you can work at a chemical plant, or do extreme sports, and still be feminine. It's all about your mental attitude and desires.
  3. You don't need a webpage (it's just funner that way :) -- join with your email address. Nor does your webpage need to be especially feminine, this clique is about you, not your site. Geometrically designed X-files and Matrix fanfiction sites are welcome. But because this clique is about you individually, if you have a blog I recommend you link to that. ***NOTE: I will not link to porn/ick/degrading sites.***
  4. If you have a site, please put the code up before joining. I check immediately.
  5. No last names, please. First names preferred. And no numbers. (cutiepoo2002, etc.)
  6. In the next day or two, do something that makes you feel feminine! Wear a skirt, dress up, decorate something, help a child, go dancing, anything that reminds you that you are something wonderful: a woman!

Now stick a code on your site, and join!


Please place either a text or graphic code on your webpage. Save images on your own server. Feel free to adjust these or make new codes. Link to http://purple.mytica.net/feminine.


I am feminine.

Feminine Feminine

100x100 Feel free to use these as lj (etc) avatars.
Feminine Feminine

Image: Pavonia by Lord Frederick Leighton, 1859.


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