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LTUE Symposium Scheduled Events and Panels – here is, as we are planning it. This will get updated through time. Big planning meeting tomorrow.

I finally saw Kate and Leopold tonight! ^_____^ Hugh Jackman is Divine!! (not sure why Leopold would fall for hard edged Kate, but he is wonderful. THAT is a good man.)

This site is delightful. So cute — Eric Conveys an Emotion. kee!

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HEEEE!!!!! I’ve heard back from several really really fantastic artists about being panelists in the Symposium. This is going to be sooo coooool. Once everything is more finalized, I’ll show you who is coming. Trust me, if you are an artist in Utah, you’ll want to come to this. It’s free and fantastic.

Ah! There is one that is total definite:

Steve Keele – check out his 3-d work and his sketchbook. The man built cgi Godzilla. Most excellent.


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Well, guess who was quoted in the Daily Universe (BYU’s newspaper), today?


Blogging barges into student life
Written by my lovely upstairs neighbor Spiffy Emily (she’s a lj newbie, be nice!). She did not write the headline, though, thankfully, because it is awful.

Blogging does not barge. Blogging encroaches stealthily, softly . . . First one person you admire gets one, and then another, until you yourself get one, and then . . . comes the first comment. Then the second. And then . .. . you are HOOKED! And you cannot get away. Blogging has caught you in its grasp and suddenly you are months into your mission and still wishing you could post an entry and tell everybody about what’s been happening. (but you don’t, of course focus!)

Yes, blogging is like that. Highly enjoyable.

So, go and see all the less-then-brilliantly put comments I had to say about lj and blogging. (It was the tape recorder! Emily was interviewing me, and I just went, so not all I say makes good written English, okay!)
She also interviewed Amazonian.

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AHHHHHHHH!!!! So, the LTUE Symposium has been scheduled for March for over a year now. We learn today that BYU moved our room scheduling up to February (February!!!!) way back in June and supposedly told us. We heard of no such thing.

But evidently there is no way to change this. The only way to have our symposium is to pull it off in THREE WEEKS!!!

The Life, the Universe, and Everything Symposium of Science Fiction and Fantasy at Brigham Young University is now occurring from February 19-21, 2004.

Flights have to be changed, we can’t do the Feast we planned, who knows if the guests can come at all, this is crazy.

And last week I was pretty much put in charge of the Art Track.
So I’m going to be going crazy for the next 3 weeks. But it may work. We’re going to do it. *prays for Divine Help*

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What Dreams May Come
Last night, besides finally seeing “The 5th Element” all the way through, which was wild whacky fun, (the Diva rocks!! the 5th Element is Love!), I saw “What Dreams May Come,” with Robin Williams.

Awesome, awesome, gorgeous movie. I adore it.
The entire design and effects team deserves kisses. And the writer.
Beautiful, beautiful movie.
What I found so amazing about this movie, however, was how often they were very very close to the truth. Most movies about Heaven, Hell and the Afterlife come nowhere near the truth. I had a knee-jerk, double-take reaction every time they said something that came very close to true doctrine. There was plenty that wasn’t close, but there was definitely enough truth to be very profound. (talk to me if you want to discuss this movie, the Spirit World, and LDS beliefs :)

The Passion of the Christ Reviews

This is interesting. A friend forewarded this to me today. The movie has been rated R. You can find a trailer for it here.

The reactions of Paul Harvey and David Limbaugh to the Mel Gibson produced “The Passion of the Christ.” — » Continue Reading

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I have to re-post Abril’s post about intentionally ugly art:

Noone knows what purpose art serves. Some people think it is the epitome of decadence, some people think it is a basic necessity of an individual to express his or her inner dysfunctionalities selfishly.
I think the world needs beauty, precisely, because it is absent. or because it is so overwhelmingly present in everything, we can’t see. Ugliness displeases the human eye when it is perceived as such. We are terrified little creatures which strive everyday to either not think about stuff, or else we are overwhelmed by the sheer grotesqueness of the world. Except in those small moments where we are inspired to register the beauty in it.
I think the highest purpose of art should be to take everything that is ugly and rotten and terrifying and reinterpret or stylize to help that sudden inspiration through which we see beauty.
That is the reason why, i think artists who produce ugly art (on purpose, who revel in its ugliness) should examine what they’re doing and stop. and maybe die in shame.
And also that huge army of artists working for mass media and not (movies, music, merchandising), who instead of reprocessing the ugly to see beyond it, try to LIE and produce art that is aimed at making the world seem rose-tinted. That is a lie, and i cannot respect it.

People dying of hunger, or with limbs amputated, with dead loved ones, can sing beautiful songs, and it’s not because they *don’t see* what is happening. So hiding pain, the mindlessly pretty art, i can never respect. And trying to cause disgust and shock is very easy when you’re eating three times a day. So i can never respect that either.

Artists selfishly reveling in ugliness has been a blight on the art world for over a century. It’s not good. It’s very close to evil. Some of it is evil.

I often try to find the beauty in “uglyness” in my art, i.e., I try to take the un-ideal, pop-culture’s less-attractive, and show the beauty that is really there. I hope that comes through.

But I think fluffy art has it’s place too. Because some things are wonderful, happy and rosy. Babies and flowers. :)

This is a fasinating link being passed around: Gov. study of LSD on artist
Now we know what all the abstract artists were really on. :]

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Well, here you have it folks, the first images posted from my digital camera.

Shopping Spree! – I got paid today. Yea! The checking account was truly at $0 yesterday, thank goodness for savings overdraft protection. 0.o And since I was pinching pennies all week, today I kind of let loose and bought some pretty things for my room.
(For some reason just the fact that I didn’t have money made it a really stressful week. I usually don’t spend money on much more than food that often anyway. Really! But the ability to spend if I need to or find the perfect item is just such a secure feeling that I really desire. And this from a girl who is going into art as her chosen profession. heh.) -_-

So – some pretty faux flowers, a Monet Iris print, and a wrought iron doorstop turned bookend (I really needed a bookend). I have mentioned I like purple before, haven’t I? ;P

Shopping Spree - purple lilacs

This turned out pretty well. I used no flash, just my room lights, and only a little ps adjusting. Note to self-next time use a white backdrop.

Click to see pic of my new desk and 2 gesture drawings from yesterday: » Continue Reading

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Found camera user manual; fixed camera. Yea! The memory needed to be reformatted, it kept crashing the camera. No postable photos yet, though.

Corvus got me to install a firewall on my computer. And looks like I needed it! Yeek! Get away, nasty computer sneakers!!

Corvus is really the best server host a girl could ever ask for. He helps me so much, answering questions, setting up new programs so I can do new stuff to my webpage, and just being awesome in general. He even programmed a blog for me in the pre-php days. Wow. You rock, Sven!!

(he has a interesting news blog now, check out)

That said, now that I have a basic, basic idea how to do it, when I grow up (hah) I want to have my own server. *.* A computer in my house that just holds webpages. Easy loading, immediate access, hands on. oooh. I’d totally host people.
This means I’ll have to learn Linux now. dangit. I hate command line stuff. I’m a graphical, need it all laid out in front of me kind of gal. And vi and I hate each other. We can’t get along at all. :]

(my goodness, I sound like I know what I’m talking about)